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The majestic and unique Pamirs, is one of the famous upland region of the world with absolute heights that exceed more than 7000 m above sea level, known as “Roof of the World”. Many famous scientists and researchers assessed the Pamirs as a place of wonderful contrasts and complex historical, geographical and ethnographic puzzles of Asia.

Tours Sarez
One of the most breathtaking and interesting tours in the Pamirs is travelling to the lake Sarez.
Sarez is a relatively young lake in the entire Central Asia that formed during terrible earthquake in 1911. A massive landslide fully closed the valley of the river Bartang (Murghab).  A lake appeared behind the formed obstruction which quickly grew bigger during the first few years. This lake was named Sarez after the village which went down in the water during the increase in water level.
The Sarez Lake is one of the most beautiful and mysterious lakes of Tajikistan, which area is 80sq km and 60 km long. The gem of the Pamir Mountains is called “Sleeping dragon”. In winter 1911, a huge landslide that happened in the mountains of the Pamirs, in the south-east of Tajikistan, which fully blocked the valley of the river Bartang (Murghab) – the upper reaches of the river Amudarya. Formed as a result of an earthquake the obstruction was named Usoy.
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Welcome to the hotels and guest houses located in one of the most picturesque and beautiful places of Tajikistan! We offer you perfect de luxe rooms, as well as inexpensive comfortable rooms. Cosy atmosphere, well-mannered and kind personnel and security service of high quality will make your stay memorable and your holiday full of pleasant impressions.

The tourist firm “Sarez-Travel” was established in 1991, in the dying days of the Soviet Union, for the purpose of promoting tourism in the mountain region of GBAO.  From 1992 to 2000, however, due to the political instability in Tajikistan, the company had to cease its function as a tourist company and undertook agricultural activities. 


06.07.2015 Site updates: scheduled tours

Sometimes tourists want to find partners and join a group to cut down the cost of the tour package. For this purpose, we have added a new section "Scheduled tours". In this section, you will find the name, price, itinerary and status of the tour and send a request of booking.

Lake Sarez is OPEN to visit for foreigners!!! 25.03.2015 Lake Sarez is OPEN to visit for foreigners!!!
We would like to inform you that the visit to Sarez lake would be opened officially since July, 2015 for foreign visitors. It is worth to mention that the lake has been forbidden to visit for foreign citizens for the last 15 years.

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