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Scheduled tours 10.07.2015

Scheduled tours

As we notified in our website before about opening Sarez to foreigners, today July is here and Sarez Lake fortunately is open since July 01, 2015 for foreign visitors. It is worth to mention that the lake has been forbidden to visit for foreign citizens for the last 15 years. Our company – travel agency “Sarez Travel” has designed the special hot tours to the lake Sarez and ready to accept the tourists since the begining of July, 2015. Visiting the lake requires special permission to be obtained currently only through the travel agency “Sarez Travel”. In order to obtain the permission to the least visited and the most wanted Lake Sarez, the following documents are required:

  1. Insurance card; 
  2. Copy of passport.

There are some tours in our website in the "Scheduled tours" section, where you can find information about the scheduled tours to the lake Sarez and current status. If you are not interested in the offered tours, you can send us a request for a tailor-made tours. Our colleagues will design a tour according to your wishes and time. 

If you have any question, please contact us at the following e-mails:

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