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Visa support

All tourists coming to Tajikistan required a valid passport and tourist visa. Detailed information about Tajik visa you can find here in our website. The entry visa may be received in embassies and consulates of Tajikistan abroad in the presence of visa support (Letter Of Invitation) from travel agency.
Travel agency "Sarez-Travel" offers visa support service (Letter Of Invitation). We can send you Letter Of Invitation and also  send a copy of it to the Embassy of Tajikistan in your country. After that you can directly get your visa from the embassy before coming to Tajikistan. 
For  invitation letter we need the following information:
  • Name, nationality and passport no. of all the invited tourists.
  • Arrival and departure dates.
For visa support (Letter Of Invitation), please contact Saidmamad Gulomshoev

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