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Sightseeing around Dushanbe

Direction: around Dushanbe  

Season: from March to November

Duration: 5 days


Day 1. Driving to Shahritus-Qubodiyon district (110 km southwards) to visit Mausoleum Khoja Mashhad in Shahritus district. Mausoleum and mosque that were once attached to the Khoja Mashhad Madrassa, built about 1,200 years ago and among the oldest Islamic sites in Tajikistan. Enjoying the ancient architecture of the Mausoleum. Lunch in café by the Mausoleum. After lunch to visit the sacred and splendid site of Chiluchor Chashma - "Forty-Four Springs". It is like a small oasis in the desert. The springs are full of fish that worth to see. Driving back to Dushanbe. Overnight in Hotel in Dushanbe.

Day 2. Leaving Dushanbe eastward for Nurek Dam, built in 1980 on the Vakhsh River (75 km). Enjoying the big water reservoir of the Nurek Hydro Power Station. The Nurek Dam is the tallest dam in the world with highest point located 310 m above its basement. Lunch in Nurek city. After lunch sightseeing around Nurek city. Driving back to Dushanbe. Overnight in Hotel in Dushanbe.

Day 3. Driving to Varzob valley (also favorite recreation destination for the capital residents), marvelous placement with the beautiful and attracting view. On the way to visit  “Khoja Obi garm” Resort. This a natural hot spring used to taking bath that also has the healing features. Lunch in Varzob valley, one of the the main tourist destinations in the country.  In winter the placement called Safedorak is used for skiing. Enjoying the good scene of the Valley. Driving back to Dushanbe. Overnight in Hotel in Dushanbe.  

Day 4. Driving to Hissar Fortress, 30 km away from Dushanbe plus 4 km from Hissar village.  There is one of the main Tajikistan monuments - Hissar historical reserve. Lunch in Hissar. After lunch to enjoy the Hissar fort with ark built in XVI, old madrassah built in XVI c on the territory of 2250 sq m, Caravan Serai built in 1808, Mosque "Sangin", Mausoleum of  Mahdumi Abzam built in XVI and Historical museum located in Old Madrassah building and has a display of 3200 exhibits. Driving back to Dushanbe. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 5. Sightseeing within the Dusanbe city. Visiting Gurminj Museum of Traditional Musical Instrument, National Museum of antiquities, Ismaili Centre Dushanbe, National museum of Tajikistan, Rudaki park and Somoni Square and Victory Park. Lunch in Dushanbe. Overnight in Dushnabe.

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