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Jeep tour to Panjakent and Iskandarkul

Direction: Dushanbe—Panjakent – Marghuzor (seven lakes)  - Iskandarkul -  Panjakent Dushanbe
Season: from 15 April to 30 October
Duration: 13 days

Day 1. Arrival to Dushanbe. Drive to the hotel: Accommodating and resting. Dinner and over night in hotel

Day 2. Driving to Panjakent district center. Lunch on the road. Resting. Accommodation in hotel. Dinner and Overnight in hotel

Day 3. Drive to Marguzor lake (seven beautiful lakes)  
Seven beautiful lakes – First lake name’s Mijgon, second Soya, 3th - Husher, 4th - Nofin, 5th – Khurdak, 6th – Marguzor, 7th – Hazorchashma . Overnight in the guest house in village Nofin.

Day 4, Marguzor lake (370km)

Drive via Sharistan pass to Marguzor lake
Drive to Marguzor lake (seven beautiful lakes)
Treking to 5th lake – Khurdak, 6th lake – Marguzor, 7th lake - Hazortchashma.
Overnight in tent near the lake.

Day 5. Marguzor lake – Penjekent (8+60km)
Trekking via Amsut to village Gazza (1800m).Lunch.
Drive to Penjekent 60km Dinner in the national chayhana Sayohat.
Overnight in hotel.

Day 6, Penjekent – Iskandakul lake (140km)
Sightseeing the city: Museum of Rudaki – As Penjikent is a birthplace of Abu Abdallah Rudaki, considered by many to be the father of Persian Poetry. 
Ancient Penjikent - ruines of old Sogdian town founded in 5th century and abandoned in th 8th century by arabs. Foundations of houses, a citadel with a couple of Zoroastrian fire temples and city bazaar are visible in the excavated ruins. Lunch.
Drive to Iskandarkul lake. Walking near the lake. 
Overnight in guest house

Day 7, Iskandakul – Dushanbe (100km) Drive via pass Anzob and tunnel Isticlol to Dushanbe. Accommodation. Sightseeing the city: 
Tajikistan United Museum – includes the exhibits on history, natural history and art. 
Museum of ethnography – professional showcase of 20th centure Tajik art. The collection includes pottery, carpets, cloaks, embroidery, jeweler, musical instruments, woodwork and more. 
Monument Somoni and park Rudaki. Lunch in local restoran. Overnight in hotel. 

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