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Travel agency "Sarez Travel" is one of the leading travel agencies in Tajikistan. Our company offers below services:

Visa support

Travel agency "Sarez-Travel" offers visa support service (Letter Of Invitation). We can send you Letter Of Invitation and also  send a copy of it to the Embassy of Tajikistan in your country. After that you can directly get your visa from the embassy before coming to Tajikistan. 
For invitation letter we need the following information:
  • Name, nationality and passport no. of all the invited tourists.
  • Arrival and departure dates.

Hotel reservation

There are many hotels in Tajikistan, about which you can find more information in the page: Hotels. Tajikistan’s hotels range from simple hotels to five-star luxury hotels in order to cater for every taste and budget. First-class hotels with internationally famous names and excellent world-class service are available in the Dushanbe. Other categories of accommodation are good-quality middle-range hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses that provide perfectly reasonable facilities. All bookings are subject to availability at the time of reservation we recommend that reservations be made as early as possible to avoid disappointments, especially during peak season travels when hotels are booked full (April, May, June, September, October) as well as during numerous international events such as fashion weeks or international conferences.

Thanks to an exclusive partnership between Travel Agency and the hotels of Tajikistan we can offer you a wide choice of accommodation to suit your wishes and budget: from the most upmarket hotels to small clean and comfortable private hotels and B&Bs. We don’t offer you all Tajikistan’s hotels. What we offer you is an intriguing selection of quality accommodation options, each with a style and character of its own. We regularly check and evaluate the service attributes and overall hospitality provided.

Our company offers booking services. Please contact us for hotel reservation services!

Guide service

A tour guide provides assistance, information and cultural, historical and contemporary heritage interpretation to people on organized tours and individual clients at religious and historical sites, museums, and at venues of other significant interest.
Our company has guide service and we provides tourists with English-speaking, Russian-speaking and French-speaking guides and interpreters. If you book a tour with us, usually the guide service is included in the pricelist.
For more information, please contacts us 
by email.


“Sarez Travel” organizes very interesting trips to the most beautiful and incredible sites of the Pamirs, the Sarez Lake, Wakhan corridor, the Fedchenko Glacier and other places of the Pamir and Tajikistan as a whole. We have some tours in our website, but these are not the only tours we provide. Our travel agency can organise lots of tours according to your interests and budget.

City tours

Currently we organise city tours in Dushanbe and Khorog, In order to book such short trip in the mentioned towns, send us an email of request to

Airport pick-up  and Farewell

Dushanbe Airport (IATA: DYU, ICAO: UTDD) is an airport located in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan.
Our company offers the following airport services:
  • Pick-up
  • Farewell
If it is your first time in Tajikistan or you just want to be picked up at international airport, please contacts us before coming to Tajikistan. We are always ready to meet you at the airport!

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