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+992 (93) 407 25 46
Эл. почта:
736203, Республика
Таджикистан, ГБАО,
Бартангская долина,
село Барчидиф

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Отели Таджикистана

Khorog Serena Inn

One of the famous hotels -«Serena INN»- is located in the heart of the Badakhshan – Khorog. It is located not far from the bridge on the river Pyanj, separating Afghanistan and Tajikistan. While the bridge facilitates trade and income opportunities, the «Serena INN» provides quality service for tired travellers that visit Khorog. The personnel of the hotel are local people who are characterized by hospitality.  Striking and beautiful landscape of local vicinity is stretched outside of the hotel’s balconies.

«Khorog Serena Inn» offers two double rooms and four spacious single rooms with bathrooms. The hotel has fully equipped Business Centre with satellite phone. You can enjoy having traditional cuisine, in a cozy with an eastern color Pamiri restaurant.

Special corporate offers

Children under 10 years old up to two persons staying in the hotel with their parents are not drawn a bill.

Cancelation of booking or absence of a client

Any reservation cancelled in less than 24 hours is payable except for cases when the client cannot use his reservation due to unfavourable weather conditions.

Food and beverages

The personnel of the restaurant can organise banquets, lunches and ceremonial events on advanced agreed prices, menu and number of guests.

Rita Kurbonbekova
Manager «Khorog Serena Inn»
Phone.: (+992) (3522) 2-32-28
Mobile.: (+992) (93) 500-82-24

E-mail: rita.kurbonbekova@akdn.org
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