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Khorog was founded on the place of two small villages, which existed before the revolution. Since 1925 Khorog is the capital of the Gorno-Badakhshan autonomous oblast (GBAO).

The city is located at the bottom of a deep gorge at the altitude of 2000 m above sea level, on the place of confluence of the rivers Pyanj, Gund and Shohdara, straight by the border with Afghanistan; the Pamirs motorway passes through the centre of the town. Due to its position in the deep canyon, the town is protected from strong winds and sharp temperature drops in winter times. Summer in Khorog is relatively warm and dry.

Located in a wonderful place, Khorog is the regional centre of control, trade, transport and education. This small town is proud by its educational institutions among which is the one of the branches of the University of Central Asia, Khorog State University and the Aga Khan Lyceum.

Khorog is a beautiful town with tall poplars and colourful Pamiri traditional houses on the outskirts. Nearby Khorog, on a hill there is the Pamirs botanical garden. This is the highest botanical garden at the territory of the former USSR. It also occupies second place in the world by its height above the sea level, on the first place is the botanical garden in Nepal. A collection of plants, trees and shrubs from all over the world can be seen here.

Most of the main transportation communications to GBAO including the Pamirs highway pass through Khorog. An earth road passes through Vakhan and Alichur. Another road goes to east through the Shahdara valley to the peaks of Karl Marx and Engels.

The population of the city s 30000 people (the Pamiri ethnical groups).

We invite you to a small, but cozy and an under development town, where people are known for their hospitality, preservation of their ancient culture and traditions; where music, poetical contemplation of the world and wise philosophical attitude to life dominate in the mentality and everyday life of a Pamiri man.

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