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Tajikistan is a beautiful, sunny corner with a grand and maiden nature, sharp pointed mountain nodes of the Pamirs and Tien Shan, unique hospitality, good nature and colourful traditions of the local people. The highest mountain peaks of Central Asia are sky-high and it is here the greatest glaciers make up streams. Highest mountains feeding most rivers in Central Asia, picturesque gorges, hot valleys with subtropical climate, where cotton fields replace vineyards, apricot orchards, deserted high mountain plateaus, competing with Siberia on winter severity – this is all Tajikistan, sovereign developing country.

Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, is the present political, cultural and economic centre of the country, buried in verdure and surrounded by newly erected buildings. Dushanbe (until 1961 called Stalinabad) is situated in the centre of the Gissar valley at the height of more than 800 m above sea level. From the north and east the capital is surrounded by foothills, crowned by snow-white caps of the Gissar ridge. Dushanbe has strong continental climate with dry and hot summer and humid cold winter.

Sightseeing within the Dusanbe city.
  • Visiting Gurminj Museum of Traditional Musical Instrument,
  • National Museum of antiquities,
  • Ismaili Centre Dushanbe,
  • National museum of Tajikistan,
  • Rudaki park and Somoni Square
  • Victory Park and etc.
Travel agency "Sarez Travel" organises small excurions within Dushanbe city for 1 day. Also we have tours around Dushanbe from 2 to 5 days. Please click here to read more about tours around Dushanbe. Booking a tour is possible via our contacts.
The majestic and unique Pamirs, is one of the famous upland regions of the world with absolute heights that exceed more than 7000 m above sea level, known as “Roof of the World”. Many famous scientists and researchers assessed the Pamirs as a place of wonderful contrasts and complex historical, geographical and ethnographic puzzles of Asia.
Driving from Dushanbe to Khorog town (administrative center of the GBAO) normally takes 2 days (540km). Although local people do it in one day (12-14 hours), for tourist it is not the good option, as they want to stop for taking photos and want to be more comfortable. But in tight number of days, driving one side (Dushanbe to Khorog OR Khorog to Dushanbe) is a good variant for reducing the number of days. Accomodation in Khorog varies from 10 USD up to 100 USD.

What to see in Khorog?
  • Khorog Botanical garden
  • Khorog museum
  • Central market of Khorog
  • Khorog Central Park
  • De Pamiri Handicraft
  • Afghan market in Tem street (works only on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm)
Wakhan corridor and Bartang valley are the most visited sites in Pamir. In Wakhan corridor, there are lots of historical places, forts (Yamchun fortress, Qah-qaha fortress), hot springs (Garmchashma hotspring, Bibi Fotima hotspring) solar calendar and museum (in Yamg), Afghan border market in the center of Ishkashim (works only on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm), petroglyphs, shrines and etc.
Gisew village is one of the best small 2 day trekking in Bartang valley. Gisew is situated far 12 km far from the main road and it is not possible to reach by car. There are some small lakes inside of the Jisew village and small fotress around them, which give to the village more beauty.
The Sarez Lake is one of the most beautiful and mysterious lakes of Tajikistan, which area is 80sq km and 60 km long. The gem of the Pamir Mountains is called “Sleeping dragon”. In winter 1911, a huge landslide that happened in the mountains of the Pamirs, in the south-east of Tajikistan, which fully blocked the valley of the river Bartang (Murghab) – the upper reaches of the river Amudarya. Formed as a result of an earthquake the obstruction was named Usoy. Visiting the Lake Sarez requires special permit, about which you can find more information here. Below are the most coomon trekking to/crossing to/coming to the  Lake Sarez:
 Yashilkul lake, Bulunkul lake, Karakul lake, Trumtaikul lake, Drumkul lake are also among the most visited lakes in the Pamir. 

For more information and booking a tour, please contact us! We make your holiday in Tajikistan memorable and unforgettable!!!

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